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Introducing ‘The Great Clothes Fast’


I have a confession: I have more running clothes than I absolutely need. It’s a bit of a nasty habit of mine, to purchase more running clothes each time I get paid. Or to covet something on the Lululemon website for weeks until I finally buckle and buy it.

With the absence of one job, I’ve decided that it’s time to put a halt on buying running clothes.

I need to live more simply. Simple is not nearly 15 pairs of running capris. Or 30-plus tops. Or more long sleeves than I even wear. Add on numerous pairs of shots, which I rarely wear even during the summer and my closest is kind of complete for now.

clothes3So I’m not buying any running clothes for at least six months.

That’s right. Starting today, no new running clothes, with a couple exceptions, for six months.

That’s all the way until July 18. That’s after two marathons and a series of other races.

Ask my husband, for me that’s a lot of time. It means I won’t be jumping on any awesome Nike sales, so trying to find a coupon code that doesn’t exist for Lululemon (seriously, they never have codes or anything that would make the clothes less expensive.)

I am putting some rules on this experiment, though:

  1. Shoes are not considered “clothing” objects and can, therefore, be purchased as they are now (three times a year)
  2. Shirts that are part of race fees do not count, because I’ve already paid for them
  3. Pre-existing clothes can be altered and fixed in order to make it through the six months
  4. Socks can be purchased as needed, if only to avoid foot chafing
  5. If I’m running a race for the first time, I can browse for one new object and potentially buy, but only if I have cash on hand and am not using a credit card
  6. Expos, where much money can be spent, will now have a budget based on how much money I have in savings, again avoiding frivolous use of credits cards
  7. After the six months is over, I will not buy new running clothes until something wears out, splits a seam or has a hole

Those are my rules. My husband has helped me develop them, if only because he knows how weak I am when it comes to Lululemon. But I also know I have a closet so full of clothes (all clothes, not just running clothes) that I have no space for my workout gear. It sits on the floor right inside of the sliding door.

But I’m facing it: I have a lot of clothes.


That’s part of my pile of short-sleeve shirts inside the closet. I have nearly every color you can thing of. I even own a running skirt, which I love in theory but my fat little legs don’t necessary like it too much.

I’m not as crazy as replacing my accessories. My iFitness band is getting more worn than I’d like, but I love it. Since last summer, when I switched to Nike LunarEclipses, I’ve held on to my shoes until they are falling apart. In fact, I run on my treadmill with my original pair of the LunarEclipses. They still feel good, so I’m not getting rid of them. (I also wear them as my regular, every day shoes.)

So this begins “The Great Clothes Fast” where I give up my obsession with purchasing every pair of capris I love in a store and every shirt that looks nice on the model, even if it won’t look nice on me.

I’m planning on updating my progress on this, as I put together outfits from my stock of gear. I’m crossing my fingers than I can do this. If anything, at least my husband will hold my accountable.

New swag

I got a new shirt in the mail yesterday. It came to my parent’s house in Stockton, so I went and picked it up. I bought it from another runner who has a clothing site.

And I love it. I’m not sure if it’s because it literally took two months to get so I’ve been patiently waiting or because it’s unique and made specifically for me. But I love it.

When I took it out of the package I didn’t think it would fit. But I put it on and it’s awesome! I’m so excited to get to wear it at some point in the next week for a run. Probably not for the half marathon, but definitely for another run next week.

Speaking of running, I’ve been taking a couple days off. I ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon last Sunday. I’m running another half marathon this Sunday. I’m trying not to burn out. So I’ve only done swimming for the past three days. Tonight the swim instructor worked me hard. I’m tired.

Of note: I also came home to a second orange long-sleeved running shirt from the San Francisco Marathon. I love the one I got at my half on July 31 so much that when I saw they were only charging $15 for another one, I ordered. That makes only two races I’ve scored second shirts at. I have a second one from Oakland too because I love that one so much too.

And I’m waiting for another shirt from Saucony as well. I probably don’t need a ton of running clothes anymore, but I love getting new running swag to sport. It gets me excited for the next run. Hopefully that’s a recovery 5-miler in between my two jobs on Friday.