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Laces make the difference

I’ve had some reservations about my new LunarEclipse’s lately, specifically the color. I know that’s petty. After years of running in basically white shoes with a little bit of blue detail. They weren’t pretty, but they were functional.

When I was fitted for the new shoes, they had a special style of the pair called the Breathe.

And that was the only pair my local Fleet Feet had in size nine. So I caved and bought them.

When I realized how much lighter this pair was than my previous shoes, I started having second thoughts. But they were the same shoes, so I went with it. I’d run quite a few miles in them when I realized that they just weren’t as flashy as my last pair.

They look kind of orthopedic. Like something my grandfather used to wear. I know they are gray and have some fun yellow detail, but I just wasn’t in love.

So I grabbed the florescent pink laces from my previous pair, which I recently machine washed (post on that coming), and switched the laces out on the pairs.

Now my old pair, which I’ll wear for dirty outdoor type runs because I still think they have a little life left in them, look a little more subdued. And my new pair has a lot more flair about them. It’s a win-win for me.

And yes, it’s only about appearance. The shoes function the exact same way the first pair did, but I like that they are a little different now. It won’t make me a better runner, obviously. But I like the change. And I really love those pink laces.

New, new running shoes


After a month of telling myself the Saucony Hurricane 14s were “my shoes,” today I decided that no, they weren’t.

The toe box was cramping my baby toes inward. Then it was creating an arch that was giving me a ridiculous amount of pain in my big toe.

So I visited my local Fleet Feet today and was refitted with another stability shoe.

Enter the Nike Lunar Eclipse +2.

The test for these fancy numbers will be my 10 mile casual run with Jennie on Saturday.