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Last-minute improvising

Ever think you packed everything in your gym bag and you realize, a little too late, that you forgot something important?

Yes. It’s happened to all of us.

I usually double and triple check things to make sure I have everything. But I’ve forgotten by Garmin multiple times. I’ve left my sports bra at home and ended up having to run back and get it before a run after work. I’ve forgotten Gu in my hotel room too, leaving me running on an empty stomach.

Today, I forgot my Amphipod handheld in Tracy. I didn’t realize it until my running buddy was already in Mountain House and we were ready to start our run.

Great. Six miles on a mildly warm day without water. Then I saw a disposable bottle in my care, full.

And I had an idea.

I actually shoved the top band down around the bottle, bending it a little. The bottom band only stayed because of its rubbery material.

But it worked. And well too.

I ran six miles with it. It wasn’t a burden. It wasn’t annoying. And it didn’t slip.

The only bothersome thing was having to screw the cap off when I wanted to drink, especially since we were picking up the pace and trying to run faster than usual. A win for last-minute improvising.


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  • Colleen McCloskey

    Nice improvising.