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Undergoing site maintenance

I haven’t written in a couple days because I’ve been performing some very necessary site maintenance.

When I started this blog last September, my running buddy Sam was kind enough to let me “borrow” some space from her on one of her servers. I built this site from the ground up there. It’s blossomed there.

But it’s also time for me to be a big girl and move to my own hosting client. So I’ve spent the past three hours moving content and download databases to move to new server space.

I just switched out my name servers for my URL. That means the switchover should happen anywhere from two hours to 48 hours from now. I’m crossing my fingers that I figured all of this out right. We’ll see. I usually deal with content management systems in my daily life. I never, ever worry about the 15+ plus year domain my job’s site runs through.

It also means I’m blogging this one last post on the borrowed space and then copy and pasting it over to the new servers.

This means nothing for my readers (unless I take the site down), but if there are some glitches in the next couple days, that’s the reason.

And for what it’s worth, I built this site off a template. I basically “fancied” it up. When people come here, they often ask who designed my blog or who built it, etc. It was me. It’s not perfect, but it’s more than just a typical WordPress install. It’s all me.