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My Monday night date

The last two weeks I’ve woken up to a very stiff right ankle/heel.

After my Achilles pull earlier this year, I’m trying not to put too much pressure on that leg. I’m giving it the rest it needs whenever I can. I’m taking rest days. But the pain is still there from time to time. When it is, I have to roll it out.

I spent a good deal of time rolling it out for the first four weeks after my injury in mid-August. I’m realizing I need some more stretching, though, as of late.

I took Monday night off my run. My Sunday/Monday running days are my only back to back ones. So if I do an extra long run on Sunday, such as my 15-miler, I am giving myself the option of taking Monday off. So I did.

It’s good I did. I noticed some gnarly bruising on my legs tonight. It’s from all the rolling I’m doing on my legs lately. It also proves to me that I need to setup a massage some time soon to help work those muscles out a little more.

So I pulled out my rollers again tonight, specifically the Trigger Point Foot and Lower Leg kit. (Mine only came with one ball, though.)

Here’s a better closeup:

I’m spending a lot of time trying to make my legs less tight. I up my mileage and my body has moments of rebellion where it basically says “really, we’re doing this again?” Yes, yes we are.